Prof. Hong-Wei ZHOU(周宏伟), PhD  
Prof. Hong-Wei ZHOU(周宏伟), PhD
Director of Division of Laboratory Medicine, Zhujiang Hospital, SMU & Microbiome Medicine Center, SMU
PI of State Key Laboratory of Organ Failure Research, SMU
Editor-in-chief: Medicine in Microecology
Editor: mSystems
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Human microbiome, laboratory medicine

Research interests:

1. Understanding the role of human microbiome in metabolic diseases, stroke, and pregnancy

2. Development of novel diagnosis biomarkers through omics techniques

3. Development of diagnosis antibodies for infectious pathogens

Professional recognition:

1. National Distinguished Young Scholar Award, 2019, by National Science Foundation of China

2. National Talent Project, 2019, by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs of China

3. Pearl River Scholar, 2018, by Department of Education of Guangdong Province

4. National Excellent Young Scholar Award, 2013, by National Science Foundation of China

Cover stories from HW Zhou's lab:

Hong-Wei ZHOU(周宏伟)
Volume 24 Issue 10, October 2018
Defining healthy microbiomes
The cover art is a conceptual representation of the work by Hong-wei Zhou and colleagues identifying host location as having the strongest association with microbiota variation in a cohort of 7,009 individuals from 14 districts within a single province in China.
Major finding
1. Regional variation may have higher impact on gut microbiome than metabolic diseases.
2. Disease microbiome signatures could be region dependent therefore a new framework for developing microbiome disease models is necessary.

Hong-Wei ZHOU(周宏伟)
Volume 69 Issue 3, March 2020
Gut microbiome and preeclampsia
Night view of the beautiful Canton Tower in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. Read in this issue the excellent work by Chen et al on the role of the gut microbiota in pre-eclampsia.
Major finding:
1.Inoculation of the gut microbiome from patients with PE triggered a significantly higher blood pressure before pregnancy and PE-like phenotypes during pregnancy, including worsened hypertension, exacerbation of proteinuria and intrauterine growth restriction.
2.Higher levels of total bacteria and Fusobacterium and an altered microbiota profile were identified in PE placenta samples compared with in normotensive samples.
3.Gut microbiota screening shows potential for predicting PE onset and provides a new approach for the prevention and treatment of this disease.

Selected Publications (* Correspondence author):

1.   Chen X, Li P, liuM, Zheng HM, He Y, Chen MX, Tang WL, Yue XJ, Huang YX, Zhuang LL, Wang ZJ, Zhong M, Ke GB, Hu HY, Feng YL, Chen Y, Yu YH*, Zhou HW*, Huang LP* (2020) Gut dysbiosis induces the development of preeclampsia through bacterial translocation. Gut 69:513-522 (Cover story)

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