Call for Papers - Special Issue: Prospect of butyrate-producing commensal bacteria (BPCB) in medicin



Submission deadline: 30 June 2020

So far, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli have been considered beneficial bacteria thus used as probiotics or recognized as targets for stimulation by prebiotics. On the other hand, recently, butyrate-producing commensal bacteria (BPCB) are paid much attention because butyrate, one of the major short-chain fatty acids produced by beneficial commensal bacteria in the intestine, has been revealed to exert a crucial effect not only on colonic but also whole body health. Of note is that no butyrate is produced by bifidobacteria or lactobacilli.

The beneficial effects of butyrate in promoting colonic health are reported to range from an energy source for intestinal epithelial cells to a crucial mediator to regulate immunity. Therefore, it is expected that BPCB will be used as probiotics. However, major BPCB in human intestinal microbiota, especially Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, is extremely oxygen sensitive thus difficult to cultivate industrially. Consequently, it’ll be so promising if prebiotics targeting BPCB are available.

In this special issue titled “Prospect of butyrate-producing commensal bacteria (BPCB) in medicine”, submission of original papers, review articles, or opinions concerning the topics mentioned above and related fields are welcomed.

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Prof. Yasuhiro Koga

Tokai University School of Medicine, Kanagawa, Japan

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