Call for Papers - Special Issue: The role of microbiota in cancer development and management



Submission deadline: 30 September 2020

It has been recognized that microbiota plays an important role in tumor occurrence and development. Dysbiosis may lead to host immune disturbance by regulating intestinal barrier function and immune cell differentiation. Some pathogenic bacteria may also produce carcinogenic metabolites or participate in important cellular pathways that directly cause DNA mutations. It has often been reported that cancer patients relate to characteristic gut microbiome profiles or specific species colonized in tumor tissue. Given the above findings some researchers proposed to optimize diagnosis or prevention through microbial based approaches. Several works of literature have reported satisfactory results, but more efforts need to be undertaken.

Since microbiota plays a vital role in both immune response and neoplasm development, much attention is paid to the relationship between bacteria and cancer treatment (especially immunotherapy). It has been revealed that proper composition of the gut microbiome might lead to a better outcome, meanwhile certain species inside the tumor microenvironment (such as Fusobacterium nucleatum) could promote resistance to chemotherapy. Therefore, studies of cancer-related microbiota might provide great value for clinical application. Various pre- and clinical studies have been undertaken, ranging from mechanism exploration to new drug evaluation. Some researchers try to screen for specific species as biomarkers for outcome prediction, some to treat side effects via microbial intervention, and some to develop engineered bacteria to optimize the therapy.

In this special issue titled “The role of microbiota in cancer development and management”, submission of original papers, review articles, or opinions concerning the topics mentioned above and related fields are welcomed.

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Prof. Huanlong Qin

Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, China


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